Avoiding a rear end collision


It’s a fact that many of the  crashes on some of our highways are the result of inadequate following distance. Drivers can avoid these if they maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and in so doing decrease the chances of finding themselves in a rear-end collision.

MasterDrive has the following recommendations:

  • Keep a steady speed and indicate in advance when about to make a turn.
  • Find a safe place out of traffic if you need to stop to pick up or let off passengers.
  • When parallel parking with traffic behind you, put on the indicator, pull next to the space, and allow vehicles behind you to pass before parking.
  • If  driving more slowly than other traffic on a multi-lane road, drive in the extreme left lane.
  • When having to drive so slowly that you slow down other vehicles, pull to the side of the road when safe to do so and let them pass. There are provisions for this on some two-lane roads which you can use.
  • Every now and then one may find another car following too closely or another driver tailgating them. If, in this instance, there’s a left lane, move over to the left. If there’s suitable lane, wait until the road ahead is clear and passing is legal, then slowly reduce speed. This will encourage the tailgater to pass you after which one can manage the situation ahead.
  • Never brake suddenly or flash the brake lights to discourage a tailgater. All that does is increase your risk of a crash from behind in the first instance. The fact is the habitual tailgater has seen every trick.

Till next time drive safe and watch your tail.


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