Bike Expressions: Suzuki SV 650


Throw a leg over the new Suzuki SV 650 and you immediately notice how much slimmer and smaller it feels overall. The fuel tank no longer seems bulbous from the saddle and the seat height is the same, but it feels lower because your legs get a straighter shot at the ground.


You only need to hit the starter button once, with an ‘easy start’ system turning the engine over until it fires up. The low-rpm assist is another nice feature for novice riders, providing just a hint of throttle to help prevent stalling at take-off.


I mostly like the layout of the new LCD instrument panel on the Suzuki SV 650, and in particular I love the distance to empty feature (which I would like to see on the DL range). I still, however, find the bar-graph tachometer difficult to read at a glance.


The brakes are a bit weak even with the ABS. I feel that Suzuki could have spent a bit more on the front calipers.


The Suzuki SV 650 is no doubt a fun bike to ride. While I believe it’s a fantastic weekend, short ride bike, its not designed for the every day commute nor the fast breakfast run. I found that with anything north of 100km/h, the wind just hits you from all angles with nowhere to hide. Whilst I understand that it is a full naked machine, a very small but efficient screen to kick the wind over the rider, would not have gone amiss.


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