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 Volkswagen is expanding the model range of the Tiguan SUV to include a new seven-seater model – the Tiguan Allspace. The Tiguan has many similarities to its predecessor, with the increased size being the biggest update to the model. As for the rest of the car, there is very little overlooked.


Tiguan 2Drive and handling

In the year that I have been reviewing cars, I have learnt that VW always has a lot to offer when it comes to drive and handling, whether it is with their entry level cars or the SUVs. Thus, I was not disappointed. The VW Tiguan always felt like it had so much more to offer, whether driving 60km/h in the suburbs or 120km/h on the highway. Handling was likewise impressive, taking very little effort to drive.


This is to be expected as there is a new 2.0-litre turbopetrol unit delivering 132 kW and 320 Nm of torque. There are also a number of models in the range to choose from with power ranging between 110 kW and 162 kW and torque ranging between 250 Nm and 350 Nm.


The interior

Tiguan 3It is difficult not to be impressed by a car that boasts all the best in quality and technology. The interior was top quality from the seats to the finishings. No technology was forgotten from the keyless access, sensor controlled boot to the voice control. It is just a car that offers ease and luxury when driving whether it is in bumper-to-bumper traffic or on the drive between Johannesburg and Cape Town.


I have always found that a seven-seater is a better idea in theory than in reality. While I still err toward this, the Tiguan third row is big enough for kids to sit comfortably and even smaller adults. I still would not recommend a long-distance trip although. An added bonus is that even with the third row up, the boot offers a fair amount of space.


Tiguan4Even though the increased size is the selling point of the Tiguan Allspace, it could also be one of the downsides for me. On one of my trips I had to park in a parking lot where the spaces are incredibly small and tight. Even with all the technology to assist with this, it was difficult to park and the car was on the white lines on both sides. Granted, this was the exception not the norm.


Coming from a family with three children, I definitely see the advantages of a seven-seater. If you do not, however, have a larger family, or foresee that many opportunities to use the third row, the increased size may not be worth it. As for the rest of the car, it is superb piece of machinery that was wonderful to drive.


Good to know

Engine: 1984cc turbo petrol 4cyl, AWD

Power: 132kW

Torque: 320Nm

Fuel efficiency: 7.7l/100km

Carbon emmsssions:175g/km CO2

Top speed: 208km/h

0–100km/h: 8.2secs

Price: R523 800

Warranty and service: 5 year/90 000km service plan, 3 year/120 000km warranty, 12-year anti-corrosion warranty


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