Defensive Driver Training Passenger vehicles

The only proven training method adopted internationally that reduces crashes and improves driving standards. Adopted as the benchmark by organizations, this training combines a theoretical component which is supported by practical sessions in the drivers own vehicle. The driver is then assessed and measured against a dashboard report the nature of which provides feedback to all the relevant parties. Detailed graphs and analysis provide SHEQ management teams with the tools needed to measure driver behaviour and performance.

Defensive Off road and 4x4 Training

4x4 and SUV s form a large part of company fleets. Many company drivers spend large amounts of time on dirt roads therefore training in these conditions is crucial. Challenges faced on tar surfaced roads are different to sand and dirt therefore the understanding of critical elements, not dealt with in a vehicles technology are taught and understood.

Defensive Off road and 4x4 Training

Collision avoidance and Skid Control

The Skid Monster is used as an effective tool to train drivers in risk prevention. The practicalcomponent re-enforces the theory which is designed to focus on  the “10 habits”

  • Prevention
  • Detection,
  • correction of skids

inspires confidence and guarantees results. Highly recommended that a defensive drivingcourse is done prior to this program.

Driver Assessments – Passenger & Commercial

Some drivers have obtained their licences in vehicles that were only driven for their drivers test, these vehicles are driven without a load and for the purposes of obtaining their drivers licenses therefore an in-vehicle drivingassessment is a per-requisite. It will determine what skills are lacking and whether or not the driver has knowledge of relevant road regulations and standards. In expensive HGV s and buses this is even more important.

Driver Assessments – Passenger & Commercial

Hi-Performance & Precision Driving

This driver training programme is not only for the enthusiast but also for organisations who require a specific set of skills in their line of duty. Amongst others these include emergency response crews and law enforcement authorities. Dedicated facilities on a circuit allow for safe coaching and deployment of appropriate vehicles and equipment.

Fuel Efficient & Eco Driving – Passenger and Commercial

The impact of carbon emissions on the environment is a powerful argument to reduce the burning of fossil fuels. To reduce fuel consumption with a well-considered eco-driving program is an added benefit as it saves thousands of Rands in direct costs as well as peripheral costs associated with the running of a fleet. A mere 3 litres/100km will on average save 1 tonne of CO2 and which combined with fuel saved  could result in savings of up to 15% on the fuel costs – this could be as high at  R3000.00 p.a. on light vehicles  and  exceeding R 10,000 in HGV’s . Multiply that by 100 vehicles and this training is a must.

Fuel Efficient & Eco Driving – Passenger and Commercial

Safety Awareness orientation

Many organisations have embraced road safety as a core value. Whilst their driving compliment may be limited they have under-scored the value of safety by delivering via workshops and safety days specific components that demonstration and promote safe driving. Seatbelt convincers and demonstrations of the effects of impaired vision of driving under the influence of alcohol are “key convincers”.

K53 – Driving Academy

The shortcomings of the present system becomes apparent when newly licensed drivers take to the road. That, in addition to the high level of fraud, has resulted in companies being forced to offer remedial training to incumbent staff. MasterDrive has embarked on a process of accrediting approved organisations so as to better facilitate the integration of “affected” drivers into the workforce.

K53 – Driving Academy

Other Services  Under MasterDrive

Teta Accredited Defensive Driver Training

Hijack Risk Management

Remedial driver Training

Wellness & Road Safety Orientation Workshops

Skidpan -  Wet Conditions Skid Control Collision Avoidance

Drive Green-Economical Driving

Crash Investigation

Trailer Towing Training

Emergency Response Defensive driver Training

UJ Accredited Defensive Driver Training


There may be many reasons why employees cannot attend a full practical driver training session, yet, there is also no reason to neglect it all together. Safe and competent drivers are an asset to any business, thus, MasterDrive has introduced MasterLearning, to provide an additional means of accessing theoretical training. There are various benefits associated with eLearning driver training, including greater accessibility, cost-savings, affordability, time-saving and you demonstrate your commitment to road safety no matter the circumstances. MasterLearning introduces even more opportunities to enjoy the benefits of defensive driver training when traditional forms of training are not available.

Heavy vehicle rollovers and consequential damages  fuel and dangerous goods in particular - dictate that practical training must be given to drivers who don t comprehend or understand critical factors such as Center of Gravity (C.O.G) and centrifugal forces. Proven saving of millions of rands ,motivate corporations to embrace such training techniques.

HGV Roll over Prevention

HGV Roll over Prevention

Heavy Vehicle Roll Overs and consequential damages – fuel and dangerous goods in particular - dictate that practical training must be given to drivers who don’t comprehend or understand critical factors such as COG and centrifugal forces. Proven saving in millions of Rands motivate corporations to embrace such training techniques.

Defensive Driving – Commercial and HGV

Several manufactures offer training on the purchase of their vehicles but few, if any, focus on the application of Defensive Driving, This training done “one on one” not only reduces crashes (or severity  of same) it  also improves fuel consumption and boosts driver morale and confidence. Adapted to the challenges facing SA drivers this program is a “must have” for Companies and motivates Insurers to evaluate their risk objectively

HGV – Vehicle Technology applications

With mandatory fitment of active safety features such as ABS and ESP few drivers ever have the benefit of being exposed to the benefits of these – until they are involved in a collision. This training is not only educational but totally experiential as drivers are able to, in a practical environment, see how the laws of physics challenge road users.

Truck Rollover Prevention

Hijack Risk Management

Accredited Defensive Driver Training

Convey of Dangerous goods- Add tab and pictures coming soon

Driving a motorcycle on South African roads can be quite a demanding task. There are certain skills the drivers for your organisation need to equip themselves with in order to ensure they do not become a statistic.

Our unique training teaches delivery bike riders how to adjust their technique to adequately handle the different situations encountered. The training is essential to not only master the basics but advanced riding skills as well and learn how to take evasive action. Ensure your drivers have the skills to arrive home safely each day.

Motorcycle traffic & road skill course

Gravel/Dual Off road biking

Ensuring that your forklift operators are properly trained is not only important to productivity but a legal requirement as well. MasterLift provides operators with the skills to effectively drive your forklifts while avoiding costly and dangerous accidents.

Lifting equipment training (Fork Lift Training)

MasterFleet provides companies with a complete fleet management training option. The training is TETA accredited and comprises of internationally accepted material that was developed over a course of 33 years.

This training aims to improve the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), improve fleet safety and risk management as well as driver development. It is a complex and unique product offering that puts all facets of fleet management and driving together, which has not been done before.

Improve fleet safety and risk management with MasterFleet

Many drivers embrace the experience of being on the road, behind the wheel of their vehicle of choice BUT... not all know how to extract the very best, the intoxicating feel of pushing themselves and their vehicle to the limit.

Enroll on the MasterDriver Advanced Driving program to earn the bragging rights – the rights to say you have been on the track – wet or dry – and pushed yourself to the limits, and new ones, in a way that makes for both enjoyable and safer motoring on the road.

All Passenger

Including transport – related vehicle training.

HGV  Training

Defensive to accredited to specialist which includes Tankers and Dangerous goods.


With growing emphasis on the traffic  challenges  corporate driver training with accredited outcomes is a necessity.

Lift Truck and Forklifts

Legislative requirements make for  synergy  within  corporate driving policies.

additional services

In addition to the core components  the spectrum of services encompasses.

Policy development and empowerment

Fleet Management  training

Driver upliftment and placement

All the above involve  the use of vehicles  for improving both safety and skills.

Accredited training

Convey Dangerous Goods by Road

Basic First Aid Training

Perform Basic Fire Fighting

Operate a Forklift Truck

Operate a reach stacker

Operate a Cab Control Overhead Crane

Operate a truck-mounted cranes

Operate a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP)

Operate a tower crane

Operate a truck mounted loader crane

Operate advanced defined purpose lift trucks

Occupational Health and Safety Representative

Risk Assessments


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